Occupation Regent (formerly)
Status Unknown
Affiliation Quinn(formerly)
The Widow (formerly)
First appearance "Fist Like a Bullet"
Portrayed by Stephen Lang
David Alexander (young)

Waldo is a former Regent and adviser to the Widow.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Sunny asks Waldo what it is like to escape outside the Badlands, but he tells him that it is full of stories and even though he lets his birds out, they always come back at night. He also reminds him if he tried to escape, Quinn would hunt him down.[1]

Sunny takes M.K. to see Waldo, with whom Sunny trained as a Colt. Sunny orders M.K. to fight Waldo, even though he is bound to his wheelchair. M.K. throws the first punch, but Waldo deflects it and flips him onto his back. M.K. continues to attack, but Waldo uses one hand to block his moves and the other to maneuver his wheelchair. When M.K. surrenders, Waldo warns him not to underestimate his enemy.[2]

Sunny visits Waldo’s shack. Sunny tells him that he is serious about wanting to leave the Badlands. Waldo offers him a toy soldier to offer to the River King, who is the only man capable of getting Sunny out of the Badlands.[3]

Waldo is visited by Ryder, who reminisces about how Waldo saved him from Nomads when he was younger and asks if he’d still have Waldo’s support "if things changed around here." Waldo says he’s "on the side that wins." He says, however, that Ryder should choose his allies with care. Ryder shows M.K.’s pendant to Waldo, who suggests reacquainting with his grandfather to learn more.[4]

Waldo breaks Sunny out of his cell, so he can make it to the River King’s boat and warns him that The Widow is making a move against Quinn and Jacobee. Waldo says he should have saved Sunny "from this life" then passes him a pendant, identical to M.K.’s, he says he found it around Sunny’s neck when he found him. Waldo tells him the ambush is happening at the Dollhouse, but warns him to "be smart" and to forget about M.K.[5]

As of Season 3, Waldo has abandoned the Widow and his whereabouts are currently unknown. However, found in deleted scenes of the second season, it is shown that Waldo is sworn into Barony of the Armadillo territory. Due to Waldo never being shown in Season 3 as a Baron, this may no longer be canon.

In "Seven Strike as One," the Widow gives Sunny Waldo's sword to use against Pilgrim, believing that Waldo would've wanted Sunny to have it. The two discuss their old friend whose fate they still don't know and agree that although Waldo would've called them crazy, he would've joined them in their fight. Using Waldo's sword, Sunny kills Pilgrim with the help of Kannin and Bajie, but is apparently killed himself with the weapon in the process.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It's traditional among hardcore fans to say "there's Waldo" whenever you find him in a scene (look out for his red and white clothes, hat and glasses)

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