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Favorite Characters (In Order)
Least Favorite Characters (In Order)
Season 1
Sunny and M.K. pulling into The Fort.png
The Fort: 7/10
Tilda holding a buttefly shrukien to M.K.'s throat.png
Fist Like a Bullet: 7.5/10
Sunny having M.K. balance on the edge of the Colt pit.png
White Stork Spreads Wings: 7.5/10
Tilda looking at a passed out M.K..png
Two Tigers Subdue Dragons: 8/10
Sunny realizing that The Widow and Tilda are gone.png
Snake Creeps Down: 8.5/10
Quinn and M.K. preparing to defend themselves from Ryder, Jacobee and Zypher.png
Hand of Five Poisons: 8.5/10