Occupation Nomad
Status Deceased
Affiliation Nomads
First appearance "The Fort"
Portrayed by Alec Rayme

Tenko was the leader of a group of Nomads. He was killed by Sunny.

Biography Edit

Being paid by the Widow to ambush one of Quinn's cog shipments, Tenko and his group of nomads settled in the forest after the job was completed. Shortly afterward, his group was confronted and interrogated by Sunny. Tenko lied to Sunny, stating he knew nothing about the attack. However, Sunny pointed out a notable crate that Tenko was sitting atop of. Failing to get rid of Sunny, Tenko ordered his men to attack, but every last one of them were killed with ease. Tenko was the last to face him and eventually met his demise.[1]

Appearances Edit

Season one Edit

References Edit

  1. "The Fort"