Occupation Regent (formerly)
Status Deceased
Affiliation The Widow (formerly)
First appearance "Fist Like a Bullet" (only appearance)
Portrayed by Zak Tomic

Teague was The Widow’s former Regent.

Biography Edit

Working under Minerva, Teague was caught stealing profits from her oil fields and stripped him of his rank and belongings. Some time afterward, while spending time in a strip club, he was approached by the Widow to talk about repairing their relationship and teaming up to take Quinn down. Before he could respond, a group of nomads, who had been eyeing them from the corner of the room, attacked them. He was killed by getting an axe thrown at his face.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first regent to be killed on screen.

Appearances Edit

Season one Edit

References Edit

  1. "Fist Like a Bullet"