Occupation Nomad
Status Alive
Affiliation His clan
First appearance "Tiger Pushes Mountain"
Portrayed by Jordan Bolger

Tate is a Nomad who possessed the Gift. He was taken in by the abbots but was skeptical of their lifestyle. Since he was caught trying to escape, he was cleansed of his power.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Specifications about Tate's past are unclear, but he lived on the edge of the Black Desert, where he was apart of a nomad clan. He claimed to be "treated like a god" due to his gift and that if his clan ever felt threatened by clippers or rival clans, he would use his power to kill.[1]

Outcome Edit

One night while sleeping in the barracks, Tate and M.K. reacted to a strange noise they heard coming from outside the monastery. In the midst of the curiosity, Tate expressed his feelings about the monastery, telling M.K. that he did not believe the whole "peace and harmony" act. As he went on to speak about his power, he questioned M.K. if there was more to his life than just growing old and dying. His question inspired M.K. to leave the barracks in search for something, leaving Tate alone to wonder.[1]

Another night, Tate pretended to be asleep when M.K. was quietly summoned by The Master. He opened his eyes after they were out of sight. It was then rumored that he ran away from the monastery the same night.[2] Tate was eventually found by three abbots and was tied, gagged, and locked in a trunk. He was transported to a strange ward in the monastery and woke up bound to a stretcher. Promising to never run away again, he pled to be let go. However, the abbots proceeded to put together a strange contraption around him that injected significantly long needles into his chest. Yelling in pain, he noticed M.K., horrifically witnessing what was happening. Tate's eyes turned white and his power was drained from his body.[3]

Appearances Edit

Season two Edit

References Edit

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