Into the Badlands Wikia
Family Penrith † (grandfather)
Quinn † (father)
Lydia † (mother)
Beatrice † (stepmother)
Jade (wife)
Occupation Baron
Status Deceased
Affiliation Quinn † (formerly)
First appearance "The Fort"
Portrayed by Oliver Stark
Adam Cameron (young)

Ryder was the son of Quinn and Lydia, and the Baron of the Armadillo Territory after the presumed death of his father. He was later killed by Quinn after failing to escape from him after the Conclave.

Character description[]

“Ryder is Quinn’s only son and presumed heir. Impulsive and arrogant, Ryder might have become a different person had he not been kidnapped as a child. Quinn’s refusal to pay the ransom resulted in Ryder’s torture and mutilation. The incident left Ryder scarred in body and soul, furious at his larger-than-life father but also desperate for his affection and approval. Quinn has always measured Ryder’s skills against Sunny’s, and Ryder knows he has fallen short. When Quinn’s assets come under attack, Ryder lobbies his father to change tactics and adopt a more aggressive approach, but is rebutted. As his father seems to weaken, Ryder grows ever more impatient.”



  • In "Tiger Pushes Mountain", it is revealed that his rocking horse Ahab was his only companion when was little. He used to spend many hours alone with him in his room.