Occupation Nomad
Status Deceased
Affiliation Hud
First appearance "Fist Like a Bullet" (only appearance)
Portrayed by Dan Norris

Rooster was a member of a group of nomads.

Biography Edit

Summoned by The Widow, Rooster, Hud and another nomad were scheduled to meet with her and was offered a fight alongside her. However, they refused. Hud spoke for the group, stating they will be killed if they fought against Quinn. She offered them a deal, stating that they will join her if Tilda can defeat Rooster. Hud agreed to the deal, only if they can keep Tilda if Rooster wins. Once Rooster was set to fight Tilda, his neck was easily snapped by her.[1]


Season 1Edit


  1. "Fist Like a Bullet"