Occupation Tattoo artist
Status Alive
First appearance "The Fort"
Portrayed by Yohance Myles

Ringo is a cog tattoo artist in the Badlands who regularly tattoos Clippers.

Biography Edit

Ringo ended up being visited by Sunny one night to get his next set of tattoos for some nomads he killed. While tattooing, Ringo and Sunny had a personal conversation about Sunny's life and his relationship with Veil, recalling that Sunny said he wanted to leave his life, as a Clipper, behind. Ringo remembered Sunny being excited when getting new tattoos in the past, but notes that taking so many lives can have a negative affect on one's psyche.[1]

Stopping by the tattoo shop a couple days later, Sunny informed Ringo on the The Widow's escape and questioned if there was any knowledge on her whereabouts. Ringo, who said he knew nothing, implied they could talk more the next time Sunny visited. However, Sunny also informed Ringo that he would no longer continue coming to his shop, as he has "quit keeping score" of his kills. Ringo gave a final comment, saying that that he was amazed that the clipper most looked up to by other colts doesn't want to be. [2]

Appearances Edit

Season one Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is unsure whether he works with other cogs in Wall Street or if he works on Fort property.

References Edit

  1. The Fort
  2. "White Stork Spreads Wings"