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Ophelia Chau
Ophelia Chau.png
Family Alexander Chau (husband)
Gaius Chau (son)
Juliet Chau (daughter)
Status Deceased
Affiliation Juliet Chau
First appearance "The Boar and the Butterfly"
Portrayed by Liz Sutherland-Lim

Ophelia Chau was Gaius and Juliet’s mother. She despised her son for being benevolent and helping the weak. Nevertheless, she insisted on keeping him alive after imprisonment. Gaius confronted her to find out where Juliet was hiding, but to no avail. However, Daegan revealed the information, which made Ophelia want to warn Juliet. Gaius then gave Tilda the permission to end his mother’s life.


  • According to Gaius in "Dragonfly’s Last Dance," Ophelia feared Lydia due to her well-known treachery and Ophelia was someone who feared no one.


Season 3[]