Occupation Handmaiden
Status Alive
First appearance "White Stork Spreads Wings"
Portrayed by Jerri Tubbs

Mari is Beatrice's former handmaiden. She now serves Jade.


Mari informs Lydia and Jade of Quinn's return from the raid on The Widow's territory.[1]

Mari receives a visit from Jade, who asks her about Beatrice. Mari says before Beatrice died, she saw Lydia beyond the poppy field, where the Monkshood grows. Mari tells her that the flowers kill you from the inside out. Later, when Quinn rides back to the Fort and sees all of his Cogs are gone from the fields, he finds Mari. She tells Quinn that The Widow came and killed all the Clippers and offered Jacobee's stolen gold to the Cogs, promising them a better life.[2]


Season 1Edit


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