Into the Badlands Wikia
Family Penrith † (father)
Quinn † (ex - husband)
Nathaniel Moon (lover)
Occupation Baroness (formerly)
Totemist (formerly)
Status Deceased
Affiliation Quinn (formerly)
Totemists (formerly)
The Widow
First appearance "The Fort"
Portrayed by Orla Brady

Lydia is the daughter of Penrith and the first wife of Quinn, with whom she had a son, Ryder. She was exiled by Quinn and returned to her father’s cult. She is currently assisting The Widow as Viceroy.

Character description[]

"Lydia is Quinn’s first wife and is both his fiercest critic and most devoted follower. Without her astute counsel, he wouldn’t have ascended so far. While Lydia never doubted Quinn possessed the makings of a Baron, she is less sure about their son, Ryder. As much as she loves her only child and wants to see him succeed Quinn, she is well aware of his flaws. Ryder’s fortunes will undoubtedly have implications for Lydia, particularly given Quinn’s upcoming marriage to a beautiful young Cog, Jade. Lydia puts on an excellent show of indifference, while making it abundantly clear that she is still The Fort’s true Baroness and always will be."[1]


  • Lydia one of only two seen marital spouses to a Baron, with the other being Jade.
  • According to Gaius Chau in "Dragonfly’s Last Dance," Lydia's treachery as a Baroness was so well-known that even his mother feared her and his mother feared no one.




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