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Leopard Snares Rabbit
Leopard Snares Rabbit.jpg
Season Number
Airdate May 6, 2018
Written by Michael Taylor
Directed by Toa Fraser
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"Leopard Snares Rabbit" is the third episode of the third season of Into the Badlands. It aired on May 6, 2018.


Sunny and Bajie go undercover on The Widow’s frontlines, seeking passage to a possible cure for Henry; Tilda confronts The Widow.[1]


At Tilda’s camp site, Nathaniel Moon and his soldiers are taking out her entire crew. With very few remaining alive, Tilda finds herself taking on Nathaniel by herself. After going two rounds against him, Tilda realizes she is in way over her head with Nathaniel.

After getting knocked out by Nathaniel, Tilda is found unconscious by Odessa. Odessa stalls Nathaniel while the the few survivors sneak out Tilda. Now living at the Widow’s palace, Lydia spots Odessa as she is taken prisoner.

Wearing blue uniforms, Bajie and Sunny have to pretend they’re fighting for the war. In order to get to the Mad Witch, Sunny and Bajie have to get through sniper alley. Unfortunately, the med site has no morphine; if they get struck by an arrow; no healer can save them.

Because Tilda was warned of the incoming attack, The Widow suspects she has a spy among her crew. Recognizing Lydia’s handwriting, Nathaniel Moon doesn’t give her up. He still has feelings for her.

As Lydia confronts Tilda and offers advice, Sunny and his crew are under attack by the sniper. While protecting Bajie, Ren ends up with two arrows to the knee. Sunny calls for a retreat and attempts to fight through a second time; this time during the night.

With torches shot into the dark, Sunny manages to sneak inside the sniper’s lair. After taking down the sniper, Sunny wants to take him in as prisoner. Sunny helplessly watches as the sniper’s life is deemed unworthy, as his throat is slit.

Knowing that Ren is dying, Bajie uses his mystical powers to heal Ren. The healer manages to amputate Ren, without sending her into shock. Unfortunately, Ren wakes up with one leg and blames Bajie for ruining her life.

With Odessa being held hostage, Tilda confronts the Widow. Tilda promises to stop hitting the convoys, as long as Odessa is freed. But the Widow wants more; she wants Tilda to be her regent again.

After almost getting poisoned, MK finally unleashes his dark powers and escapes. After knocking down the Widow, MK makes a run for it with Tilda.[2]