Into the Badlands Wikia

Into the Badlands Wiki has a set of policies and guidelines which are expected to be followed. If a user does not follow these policies, they will be given a series of three warnings. After which, if they're violated again, the said user will be blocked for a period of time, depending on the violation.

General Policies[]

  • Warnings - Warnings from administrators and rollbacks are not to be removed.
  • Categories - Do not add any categories that are redundant. If it isn't made yet, it likely isn't needed, or wanted.
  • Replacing work- Unless content is poorly reviewed, do not replace another users hard work, such as biographies. Other users take time out of their lives to write their bio, it is completely unfair to remove their work just because you want to see your content up.
  • Speculation - Speculation is only allowed in blogs or the forums, do not place any on articles.

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