Occupation Nomad
Status Deceased
Affiliation Nomad
The Widow
First appearance "Fist Like a Bullet" (only appearance)
Portrayed by Owen Harn

Hud was a nomad leader who worked under The Widow.

Biography Edit

Hud and two other Nomads met with The Widow, who asked them to side with her against Quinn. Being leader, Hud refused, stating that if they moved against Quinn, they would surely be destroyed. Ultimately, the Widow offered them a deal: They will join her if Tilda can take down one of his men. Hud agreed to this deal, only if they can keep Tilda if she loses. Tilda fought and easily killed one of his nomads, Rooster. Keeping his promise, he and the Widow became allies.

One night, Hud witnessed M.K.'s banishment from the Widow's home. Believing that he could be of good use, Hud was allowed to take M.K. for himself. However, due to the bounty that is on M.K.'s head, Hud knocked him unconscious and kidnapped him. Also behind the thievery of Quinn's opium, Hud controlled a turbine station that was eventually discovered by Sunny and Ryder. Eventually, Hud and his men ambushed them and just as Hud was trying to kill Sunny, M.K. stabbed him from behind, killing him.[1]

Appearances Edit

Season one Edit

References Edit

  1. "Fist Like a Bullet"