Family Vernon(husband)
Veil(adopted daughter)
Henry (adopted grandson)
Status Deceased
First appearance "Fist Like a Bullet" (only appearance)
Portrayed by Jennifer Griffin

Hannah was the wife of Vernon and adopted mother of Veil. She was murdered by Quinn.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Wanting children for themselves, Hannah could not bear any children of her own. Fortunately for them, when Lydia was helped by the family after giving birth to Ryder, Veil was given to them as a bounty. They raised her as their own. At some point in Hannah's life, she apparently learned about Veil's relationship with a Clipper, Sunny, and kept it under wraps.[1]

Death Edit

After Quinn and Sunny happened to arrive on Hannah's property, she greeted the baron and welcomed him inside. Once Quinn disappeared into Vernon's medical room for a physical exam, Hannah confidentially spoke to Sunny about Veil's pregnancy and how much it meant to her. Just like Sunny, she was also opposed to the idea of Veil having a child, but could do nothing to change her mind. During the conversation, Quinn discovered his tumor and felt that Hannah and Vernon could jeopardize his position as a baron. Afraid of his illness being exploited, Quinn slayed Hannah along with her husband in their house.[1]

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