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Enter the Phoenix
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Season Number
Airdate April 22, 2018
Written by Matt Lambert
Directed by Paco Cabezas
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"Wolf's Breath, Dragon Fire" "Moon Rises, Raven Seeks"

"Enter the Phoenix" is the first episode of the third season of Into the Badlands. It aired on April 22, 2018.


Sunny returns to the Badlands, seeking a cure for his son Henry. The Widow and Chau wage a bloody civil war. A new threat emerges. [1]


The Widow reveals she and Chau are the only Barons left with any sizable territory claim. With his son feeling sick, Sunny searches for food in the woods and spots a deer. While Sunny is hesitate to kill and the Widow prepares for her own war, MK has become hooked on opium, forgetting about his powers.

After spotting the speeding van, Tilda and her band of flying thieves jump onto the hood. Tilda realizes this isn’t a supply but a prison transport. After Bajie grabs a crossbow, he aims and kills one of prison guards, saving Tilda in the process.

Elsewhere, Sunny discovers he has a bunch of stalkers surrounding his trailer. After taking down the stalkers, Sunny wants to know who hired them. Sunny realizes there is a huge reward out there for his head.

At the camp site, Lydia isn’t too happy with Bajie being around. She refuses Bajie any refuge but he isn’t too surprised. With the news about prison transport being attacked, Lydia warns Tilda that this will attract the Widow’s attention.

With his son getting sicker, Sunny realizes the Healer’s husband betrayed him and gave up his whereabouts. After threatening her husband, Sunny heads out to a medical camp and asks another Healer to take care of his son. While Sunny’s baby is being taken care of, the Healer cuts him for a bit of blood and grows frightened after seeing his black eyes.

After cheating a group of drunken gamblers, they are about to beat the crap out of Bajie when Sunny intervenes. At the bar, Sunny drown his sorrows over his wife’s death with booze. When Lydia comes in yelling at Bajie, she is surprised to see Sunny sitting next to him.

Lydia, Bajie and Sunny are called in when the Healer calls for help. With the baby’s eyes returning normal, Bajie reminds Sunny he has never seen anyone that young with the gift. Sunny’s only hope is to follow the compass’ directions, but Bajie has gone further than anyone and no one is out there.  

At a crosspoint, Pilgrim  arrives with his two assassins, Castor and Nix. When their eyes turn black, all hell breaks loose as the assassins slaughter all the guards. They leave one of the guards broken and bloody, but still breathing.

Pilgrim order the surviving guard to tell his story, and reminds others there is a reckoning coming. [2]