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Dragonfly’s Last Dance
Dragonfly’s Last Dance.jpg
Season Number
Airdate June 10, 2018
Written by LaToya Morgan
Directed by Paco Cabezas
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"Black Wind Howls" "Leopard Catches Cloud"

"Dragonfly’s Last Dance" is the seventh episode of the third season and Chapter XXIII of Into the Badlands. It aired on June 10, 2018.


Sunny works with the River King to secure passage to Pilgrim's Fortress; The Widow faces mutiny from discontented troops.[1]


As Nathaniel Moon, Lydia, and Gaius plan their next move, they do not realize a coup is actually taking place. Arthur and Wrenn are in charge of the takedown. Nathaniel is away on mission when Gaius and the Widow are taken prisoner.

Still on Lily’s boat, Bajie and Sunny hold the River King as their captive. The River King reveals to Sunny that the boat was previously attacked and left only one survivor. Because he wants to be released, the River King promises no harm will come to Sunny and his friends from him.

While Gaius and the Widow are locked in a cage, Sunny meets the survivor from the boat attack. The survivor mentions the River King has a list of names from the people who were on the boat. Elsewhere, Bajie tries to make up for lost time with Lily, but she only has dreams of becoming the River Queen.

After Gaius is struck with an arrow by Arthur, Lydia kills her way to meet with Wrenn. Lydia stalls for time, telling Wrenn she can deliver the message of the Widow’s surrender. Though the Widow will not accept defeat, she secretly knows Lydia has an alternate plan.

At the funeral for Castor, Pilgrim tells the crowd that he lost a son. Unfortunately, Nix doesn’t believe him. Just like Nix, Pilgrim has doubts about Cressida’s loyalty to him and her prophecy about the Catalyst.

Tilda and Nathaniel spot Lydia walking out of the mansion on horse. Lydia is lucky they believe her when she says she hasn’t turned traitor. Lydia reveals the Widow told her there was a secret passageway into the mansion.

The Widow uses the arrow to kill Arthur and steal the keys from his dead body. After Gaius and the Widow escape, Tilda shows up and slits the throats of the opposition. The Widow knocks down Wrenn, grabs her sword, and defeats her finally.

Sunny confronts the River King and demands answers. After discovering he has a sister, three assassins take him by surprise. Knowing the River King sold him out, Sunny makes his way through the three assassins to get to him.

Bajie arrives in the nick of time help Sunny against the River King. No longer wanting to make deals with him, Sunny throws the River King into a spike. The Black Lotus are still coming after him.

In front of the firing squad, Wrenn asks the Widow to end the war before they open fire.[2]