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Baron Quinn leading a large force of Clippers, Sunny and Petri among them.

Clippers are the samurai of the new age. They are highly skilled in the art of killing, and extremely loyal. Each of the seven Barons have their own Clipper force, but Quinn's has remained the largest. They serve their Baron loyally, and are willing to kill or die for him at any moment.[1]


Each Clipper crew has its own distinct fighting style, which is passed down from generation to generation. The Barons use their Clippers to ensure law and order, quell uprisings, and battle rivals. They are often sent out on dangerous missions, or left to guard their Baron's property. A life of a Clipper is a life full of killing. After making a kill, Clippers will get a mark tattooed on their back to keep count. Clippers are free to sleep with whomever they like, but they cannot marry and must never exhibit loyalty to their loved one over their Baron. Compared to ordinary citizens, Clippers live a privileged existence, although most don't live past the age of 25.[2]


It is not known for certain how many ranks there are, other than the three basic ranks. The Baron's top Clipper is called a Regent. Regents often have more freedom, but a higher responsibility as well. Below the normal ranked Clipper is the Colt. Colts are Clippers in training, each Colt is selected and mentored by a senior Clipper, who oversees their training. In "The Fort", Petri is training a group of Clippers, suggesting that he may be drill sergeant of sorts. This could mean that there are multiple ranks within the Clippers other than Regents and Colts.

Chau’s Clippers[]

Chau’s Clippers are the only Clippers in the Badlands whose cheeks are branded with the sigil of their Baron.

The Widow’s Clippers[]


Butterflies are female Clippers who Minerva adopt as her daughters. They are trained to use shurikens which look like butterflies.


Bowlers are Clippers who wear bowler hats.

Notable Clippers[]

  • Sunny: Although a deserter, he was easily the most skilled Clipper in the Badlands. He served as Quinn's Regent for quite some time.
  • Petri: A strong and likely high ranking Clipper. In "The Fort" he is first seen training a group of Clippers.
  • Waldo: Former Clipper and Regent. Despite being in a wheelchair, he seems to still be a very good fighter.