The Butterfly Territory is one of the seven Baronies of the Badlands. It is situated in the middle of the Armadillo Territory, the Pickaxe Territory, the Peacock Territory, the Narwhal Territory and the Grasshopper Territory.

However, as of the events of the war, the boundary of Butterfly Territory has fully overtaken Narwhal, Armadillo and Pickaxe territory as well as small part of the right side of Peacock and Grasshopper territory.

It is currently ruled by The Widow.

Primary Resource[edit | edit source]

Butterfly Territory main resource is the production of oil.

Baron[edit | edit source]

  • The Widow's unnamed husband † (succeeded by The Widow)
  • The Widow (forcibly taken by Quinn)
  • Quinn(temporarily; succeeded by Ryder)
  • Ryder(temporarily; succeeded by Jade)
  • Jade (temporarily; succeeded by The Widow)
  • The Widow

Regent[edit | edit source]

Animal Motif[edit | edit source]

The animal associated is the Butterfly Territory is the Blue-Winged Butterfly.

Color Association[edit | edit source]

The primary colours of the Butterfly Territory are black and dark blue.

Clipper Force[edit | edit source]

When she assumed power, The Widow was abandoned by her late husband's Regent and many of his Clippers. However, she trained a new female Clipper force, that she calls Butterflies who are as ferocious and lethal as any Clipper.

Butterflies, use a distinctive butterfly shaped shuriken in battle. It can be thrown with remarkable accuracy or hand held for close-quarter combat. They also use straight swords as their speciality weapon.

Men that are trained up as known as Bowlers and they use crossbows are their main weapon.

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