Occupation Colt
Status Deceased
Affiliation Quinn
First appearance "The Fort"
Portrayed by Benjamin Papac

Bale was a Colt and a close friend to M.K.


After M.K. is bullied by Ajax, he is approached by Bale, who proposes that the two form an alliance to watch each other's backs.[1]

Bale participated in the raid on The Widow's territory due her hiring nomads that severely wounded Ryder. They break into her mansion and kill most of her soldiers at her fort.[2]

In an attempt to make his clipper, Petri proud of him, Bale attempts to interrogate Tilda. However, Tilda lunges towards him and bites his ear. Later, The Widow breaks in to free Tilda. Sunny fights The Widow and orders M.K. and Bale to stay put. Bale, still angry at Tilda for biting his ear, drags her out despite M.K.'s protests. Bale throws M.K. into the dungeon chamber and locks it while he beats up Tilda. M.K., worried about Tilda's safety, decides to cut himself to activate his power. He blasts the cell door open, killing Bale in the process.[3]

Sunny presents the River King, Bale's head, in an attempt to fool him into believing it is actually M.K.'s.[4]


Season 1Edit


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