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Bajie season 2 promotional.png
Family Lily (ex-wife)
Occupation Abbot (formerly)
Pirate (formerly)
Miner (formerly)
Status Resurrected
Affiliation Himself
The Widow (former student)
Abbots (formerly)
First appearance "Tiger Pushes Mountain"
Portrayed by Nick Frost

Bajie is a prison escapee from the Bordeaux Mines and Sunny’s traveling companion and friend.[1]

Character description[]

Season 2[]

“With questionable morals and an eye for finding the next quick score, Bajie is as irreverent as he is opportunistic. Sunny finds an unlikely ally in Bajie while shackled to him in a mining prison. However, through the course of the season, Sunny will discover that Bajie harbors secrets of his own. Nothing is as it seems in the Badlands.”[1]

Season 3[]

“In the months following Season 2, Bajie returned to his directionless, debaucherous ways. But when Sunny crosses his path seeking a cure for Henry, Bajie once again teams up with him. Along the way, he finds that the consequences of his call to Azra in Season 2 are greater than he could have ever imagined.”


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Season 2[]

Season 3[]


  • Bajie’s character is based on Zhu Bajie from the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en. As a consequence of harassing the Goddess of the Moon while serving as a marshal in Heaven, he was banished to Earth and reincarnated as an anthropomorphous swine. “Bājiè” (八戒) is a name given later by his Buddhist master Tang Sanzang and means “Eight Precepts”. It is a reminder to abstain from killing, stealing, sexual activity, wrong speech (lying), drinking alcohol, eating at the wrong time, entertainment (singing, dancing) and overindulging in sleep on his path to enlightenment. Despite his clumsy personality and his build, he is a capable fighter. Over the course of the pilgrimage, his loyalty is constantly tested whenever his master is kidnapped. He always suggests that the group disband and go back to whatever they did before. In his case, it would be returning to Gaolaozhuang and finally marrying his fiancée.
  • In "Leopard Stalks in Snow", it is revealed that Bajie also had the Gift.
  • In "Seven Strike as One", Bajie calls Sunny a friend.
  • Bajie is the only on screen fighter shown to be proficient with nunchucks (other than the widow who is seen to use nunchucks with some proficiency in season 1 when fighting Sunny): he takes a pair in Wolf's Breath, Dragon Fire when fighting through Quinn's bunker. He also finds a pair and uses them towards the end of season 3 to fight against Pilgrim and his followers.