Into the Badlands Wikia

The map of the Badlands and its territories.

The Badlands is a dystopian nation of former North American states that have been merged into one feudal society. It is separated into seven regions known as territories: Butterfly, Armadillo, Narwhal, Peacock, Grasshopper and Fox. Each territory is ruled by a different baron and each are responsible for contributing a different resource to help run the societies of the Badlands.

The territory is reminiscent of the State of Louisiana within what was the Central United States, lying between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River. At the southernmost region lies an extensive wall that leads to the Outlying Territories.


After a series of deadly and devastating natural and man-made disasters, civilization was wiped out. Due to the lack of electricity and resources, the world had to begin anew. Survivors returned to the fields and began to scavenge and the world began an entirely new era. Five hundred years later, due to unknown circumstances, six men and women evolved their feudal society by owning and trading resources and earned their titles as barons.

To protect their houses, the barons recruited armies of fighters and dubbed them "Clippers". In a world where martial arts have become prevalent across all territories, firearms have been banned and bladed weapon have become normalized.