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Azra on a magazine cover.png
Region Unknown
Owner(s) Unknown
Function A safe haven for Dark Ones
Resident(s) Dante
First appearance "The Fort" (mentioned)

Azra is a legendary, utopian civilization rumored to be beyond the Badlands. Its existence is often questioned by those from the Badlands. It was destroyed by the Black Lotus under the command of Magnus.


According to Penrith, Azra is only a folktale passed on to cog orphans, making them believe they were from a far away paradise.

In "Black Lotus, White Rose," Sunny discovers that he himself is from Azra, the son of Azra's ruler. When Sunny's memory is restored, Azra is shown to be a haven amidst a destroyed city from the Old World whose inhabitants execute visitors to keep the secret of its existence.


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  • According to a book about Azra, they either read or speak in a different language.
  • The only characters thus far who have been able to read the book on Azra have been The Master, Bajie, and Cressida.