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The Armadillo Territory is one of the seven Baronies of the Badlands. It is the southernmost Barony; with the Pickaxe Territory, the Butterfly Territory and the Grasshopper Territory as it's neighbors.

After the defeat of Baron Jacobee, Armadillo Territory took over Pickaxe Territory.[1]

Due to the events of the war, the boundary of Armadillo Territory has been absorbed into Butterfly Territory.[2]

It is currently ruled by The Widow and her viceroy Lydia after Jade was exiled from the Badlands before the war started and has taken on a new identity as the Horse Territory.

Primary Resource[]

Armadillo Territory main resource is the production of opium, from the numerous poppy fields it houses.


  • Unnamed Baron † (formerly; killed and succeeded by Quinn)
  • Quinn(formerly; succeeded by Ryder)
  • Ryder(formerly; succeeded by Jade)
  • Jade (formerly; defeated and exiled; succeeded by The Widow)
  • The Widow


  • Pike (formerly, succeeded by Waldo)
  • Waldo (formerly; retired; succeeded by Sunny)
  • Sunny (formerly, succeeded by Cormac)
  • Cormac(formerly; succeeded by Merrick)
  • Merrick

Animal Motif[]

The animal associated is the Armadillo Territory is the Albino Armadillo.

Color Association[]

The primary colours of the Armadillo Territory are black and red.

Clipper Force[]

The Armadillo Clipper Force is the largest and most feared in the Badlands, trained to protect the highly valued shipments of opium.

Armadillo Clipper's speciality weapon is the longsword.


  • Due to Quinn's talent for war, this territory has the best trained, best supplied, and most numerous Clipper force in the Badlands.
  • This territory has seen three onscreen Barons, which is more than any other Barony.