Occupation Doll
Status Deceased
First appearance "Fist Like a Bullet"
Portrayed by Teressa Liane

Angelica was a Doll.


While in a room together, Ryder notices that she has a block of his father’s opium and grabs her by the throat, demanding to know where she got it from. Angelica tells him about an old turbine station where Nomads are keeping the opium.[1]

Angelica is visited by Sunny, who kicks down her door. They immediately spring into battle. Angelica slashes Sunny with a daisho and jumps through her window, bringing the fight out onto the balcony. Sunny corners her, demanding to know where The Widow is. Refusing to give up any information, Angelica throws herself off the balcony and falls to her death.[2]


Season 1Edit


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