Occupation Colt
Affiliation Quinn
First appearance "The Fort"
Portrayed by Shane Graham

Ajax is a Colt.

Biography Edit

Being a Colt, Ajax was in the Fort's pit when he first noticed M.K. He immediately began bullying the newcomer and snatched M.K.'s pendant from around his neck. The two get into a scuffle and Sunny broke them apart. Later that night, Ajax attacked M.K. in the barracks once again, causing his mouth to bleed. From the sight of his own blood, Ajax witnessed M.K. being possessed by a strange force and his eyes go black. Unable to keep up with M.K.'s speed, Ajax was kicked through a mirror, causing shards of glass to fall all over the ground. M.K. managed to catch and toss a shard directly into Ajax's eye, blinding it.[1]

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

References Edit

  1. "The Fort"